devices in the domain

Devices registered in a Windows domain

Here you will find documentation for managed workspaces, which technically means that these devices are registered in the Windows domain of ETHZ.

If you understand what the term domain means, then your computer is registered with the Windows domain controller In such a case, the installation is particularly easy and similar to the process for a device at home. You can carry it out yourself. The installation is identical to the process for personal devices, but the username and password are not requested, as this data is already available after logging into the domain controller.


If you are working locally on a computer that is registered with the Windows domain and would like to use a printer, the following procedure is recommended.

  • On a Windows device, after clicking Start and selecting the command prompt (or the search field), you should only enter the print server without name extension (e.g. \\pia01 (or \\pia02, see also the detailed notes on the personal devices).
  • When the list appears, enter the personal details (nethz name, without a d\ at the beginning, and the password) and do not forget to tick the checkbox to save the data locally.
  • Then click the printer queue as usual and wait until the installation of the printer driver has finished.

This explanation also applies to the ethz card printers. In the buildings at Hönggerberg, it should be noted that the queue has been configured on \\pia01.