Printing prices

In spring 2018, the Executive Board of ETH Zurich decided to end the billing of the ETH Print Service as of 2019 for ETH employees.
This does not apply to the rental of additional devices.

From 2019 the new Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms will apply: Service Level Agreement «Print Service for employees»

Due to the end of print service billing for ETH employees, adjustments were also in this context made to the SLA.

You will find the most important changes listed below:

  • All infrastructure devices must now have authenticated copying activated.
    The affected devices must be adjusted on site by the printing team.
  • At locations where authenticated copying is still not preferred, an infrastructure device is now classed as an additional device and is therefore associated with a rental fee.
  • The device category WPM4 (monochrome desktop printer) will be removed from the portfolio.
    As a desktop printer, only the device category WGC4 will be offered and new, only as an additional device.

We will continue to generate the print and copy reports as before and send them quarterly to the financial managers.

Device categories and rental fees

The following table shows an overview of the device categories and their rental prices:

Category as infrastructure as additional device description
WPM4no150.--/ year or
Desktop printer mono A4
WGC4yes550.--/ year or
Workgroup printer color A4
WGM3+yes950.--/ year or
Workgroup printer mono A3/A4, for high output volume for e.g. printing in public area or similar.
MC4yes650.--/ year or
Multifunction device color A4
MC3yes1600.--/ year or
Multifunction device color A3/A4
MC3+yes2100.--/ year or
Multifunction device color A3/A4, for high output volume for e.g. printing in public area or similar.


  • For user-based billing (authenticated printing and copying)
    the total printing price for b/w simplex is 2 Rp., duplex 3 Rp. or color simplex 7 Rp. and duplex 13 Rp.
    Printing and copying costs are charged to the customer's fund and cost center.
  • For device-based billing (for example, for legacy devices for devices where the authenticated printing or copying is deactivated and all devices that are not controlled via the central print server)
    due to technical reasons, unfortunately the printing price can only be charged per page.
    This means that b/w simplex costs 2 Rp., duplex 4 Rp. or color simplex 7 Rp. and duplex 14 Rp.
    The printing and copying costs are charged to the printer's fund and cost center.