Device drivers

Device drivers 

Generally, we use postscript as the page description language and for job control. In justified cases, PCL version 6 may also be used.

A so-called push queue is configured for each device, which is designated as follows:

p-building abbreviation-floor-room number-room sub number-other designations (if required)

Example: p-cab-e-44

If the device also has an ETH card reader for triggering jobs (for confidential documents, etc.), there is also a pull queue with the name prefix card- , such as


For Windows users, we use universal printer drivers wherever possible (from Ricoh for the new fleet of devices); the computer communicates with the selected printer and queries its configuration and abilities actively.

Printer settings must therefore be set on your own device. The general settings and device settings (preferences) are of interest here.

  • Paper settings (standard is recycled paper),
  • banner page on/off,
  • grey scale(standard) or colour print.
PPD files

For Linux, we use PPD files (PostScript Printer Description), and the following are available for the new fleet models

Multi-function devices
Ricoh_MP_C305_PS.ppd (PPD, 103 kB)
Ricoh-MP_C3003_PS.ppd (PPD, 192 kB)
Ricoh-MP_C5503_PS.ppd (PPD, 227 kB)
Ricoh_SP_3510DN.ppd (PPD, 182 kB)
Ricoh_SP_C320DN.ppd (PPD, 114 kB)
Ricoh_SP_C430DN_PS.ppd (PPD, 64 kB)
Ricoh_SP_8300DN_PS.ppd (PPD, 136 kB)

Printer drivers for Mac OS X can be found on the Ricoh websites, such as for the device SP C3003 here, or under the name Nashuatec from Apple: For the printer queue card-ethz we always use the driver for the device SP C3003.

Please note

  • For scanning, we recommend using the solution Scan-to-USB-Stick, the stick must be formatted with FAT or FAT32 (this is usually the case when buying a USB stick).
  • The job hold time for jobs triggered by card is currently 24 hours, which is a compromise between resource consumption and possible lack of time. Following this period of time the job will be deleted.
  • A logout will take place automatically after approx. 60 seconds. With the key on the right (third from above, key symbol), a logout can be completed manually.
  • A link between card authentication and your own e-mail address is currently not possible due to the different devices in use and the embedded character of the PaperCut software.


It is possible to fill the Nashuatec devices (Ricoh devices) with too much paper per tray. The sensor will then be triggered and the tray in questions produces an error message, such as SC 501-02. The following may help in such a case:
- Switch off the device
- remove all trays (not the sheets of paper) and remove a certain amount of paper from each tray
- switch device on
- wait for it to boot completely
- then reinsert all trays
The corresponding tray will now be displayed and the error message is gone. If the error proves more difficult to resolve, please contact the Service Desk.