Via you have the possibility to review all of your print jobs or, if needed for some reason, request a refund for the job in question.

If your refund is rejected, but you would still like clarification, please forward the e-mail that you received to the Service Desk.

The system calculates how much each print job will cost, and this amount is then booked as reserved first of all.
As soon as the print job is triggered, the system checks just how many pages were actually printed out physically.
If a print job is deleted (manually or after 24h automatically), the reserved amount is released again.

Print jobs:
Example of a print job where the entire number is not printed out:
- 110 pages, both sides, were sent 
- only 7 doubled-sided pages were printed
- only the 7 double-side pages that were printed out will be charged for
Druckjob gestoppt
Printjob gestoppt mit automatische Rückerstattung