New white 100% recycled paper

Since January 2017, the ETH Print Service offers a new, white 100% recycled paper.

Papyrus BalanceClassic


Papyrus BalanceClassic replaces now the former Steinbeis ClassicWhite.

As the old grey recycled paper was no longer up-to-date and the demand for white paper was very high, all studenet printers were equipped with the new paper.

BalanceClassic is made 100% of fiber raw materials extracted from the recycling cycle, has a grade of whiteness of CIE 147 (ISO 11475), is of high quality and fulfills all important eco-labels.


Compared to the old paper:

Steinbeis ClassicWhite 100% recycled paper with a grade of whiteness of CIE 58 (ISO 70)


Useful information about the different eco labels