• Cleaning of keyboards and displays
    All student printers will have their keyboards and displays cleaned daily from 8 June 2020 until further notice, in line with ETH Covid protective measures.
    -> ETH Covid protective measures
  • Changes in Plottint (8. March 2019)
    For large-format printing in the self-service areas, please use the new service as of now at
    The previous "Prepay Service" ( will no longer be available for large-format printing in the self-service areas (VPP plotting) from Monday, 25 March 2019.
    From that date, cash payments are no longer being accepted.
    You can pay out your existing credit on "Prepay Service" ( at Campus Info Hönggerberg fom 25 March 2019 until 30. Sept. 2019,
    or transfer it to ETH Print Service (small format laser printer and multifunction devices) (, or use it for Raplab (3D printing D-ARCH).
  • Replacement of all student printers
    From 20 January 2020 until 6 February 2020, all student devices will be replaced with new HP devices.
    The web print and the card-stud print queue will always remain in operation during the exchange.
    During the transition phase, the webprint and the card-stud will not yet work on the HP devices.
    As soon as all devices are exchanged, all options will be available again.
    All information in the new Quick Guide. Quick Guide
  • Switching off Flagpages
    For sustainability reasons, we are switching off the flag pages at the same time as we introduce the new student printers.
    The cover page was used to ensure that the print jobs were not mixed with other print jobs. However, these caused a lot of waste paper.
    Without a separator page it is important to keep the overview that you only take your own documents from the stack and leave the rest at the printer.
    We cannot authorize refunds for print jobs that were printed but taken by other people.