IT Shop - Print Service Prepay

If your Free Pages balance is used up, you can use Print Service Prepay via IT Shop ( to increase your printer account.
Note: No refund possible. Deposited credit cannot be reclaimed.


1. Login

2. Select "Print Service" from the Service Catalog, then click on "Increase Print Service prepay balance".

3. For students, the organizational unit is automatically filled in and you just have to click on "Next Step".

4. Select the desired amount, then click on "Proceed to payment"

5. Select your preferred payment card

6. Fill in the card details and click on "BUY"

7. Depending on the customer's card security settings, an additional verification step is required before the order can be submitted.

8. The order will be confirmed and a few minutes later the new print account status will be available in the Print Service under Prepay (