Wen do I get my "Free Pages" credit and wen will it expire?

Usually we start uploading the CHF 18 "Free Pages" student credit on Sunday before the semester starts.
Not used " Free Pages" credit cannot be accumulated. The old "Free Pages" credit will get lost.
Students who registered later will receive the "Free Pages" credit one day after their printer account was created.

Can the cover sheet be deactivated?

On each student printer, an additional cover sheet with details of the print job issuer is printed by default.
This cover sheets serves to ensure print jobs from one person are not mixed up with those of another.
If the same person prints several print jobs at the same time, or if no other person prints between the individual printouts, only one cover sheet will be printed.

It is not possible to deactivate the cover sheet for individual print jobs at the moment. We are however currently looking for a solution for this.
The cover sheet function can however be deactivated completely on an individual printer.

Do I need to pay to scan documents on a multi-function device?

No, scanning is possible free of charge on the multi-function devices.
Costs are only incurred when printing or copying.

Is there a "Scan to USB stick" function on the multifunction devices?
Direct scanning to a USB stick is not enabled because many USB sticks are not properly recognized and would cause errors.

In the past, thick paper was available for printing in the self-service rooms. Is this no longer possible?

Thick paper, such as 170 - 220 g/m2 (A4), is now offered via the staffed Print Centre.

What kind of paper do the student printers have?

Tray 1: BalanceClassic recycled paper (A4)
Tray 2: BalanceClassic recycled paper (A4)
Tray 3: BalanceClassic recycled paper (A4)
Tray 4: BalanceClassic recycled paper (A3)
External tray 5. BalanceClassic recycled paper (A4)

Details on paper types can be found here ->Recycled paper

When using an iPad, I cannot upload any documents via the Webprint Portal, or rather I only have access to the Fotomediathek (photo media centre)

This is due to the settings of the iPad and not the settings of the Webprint Portal.
The iPad has no file directory, which is why it is only possible to retrieve documents via an application.
If no application like Dropbox or polybox is installed, one will need to be installed first of all.
It may also be that the desired application has not yet been released for the Safari browser.

After clicking "Datei auswählen"(select file), in addition to the Fotomediathek (media centre) you will also see the option "Mehr..." (more)
You will now be able to activate the desired application.
You should now be able to upload documents to the Webprint Portal.

iOS web print appselection iOS web print appselection iOS web print appselection

My document is not being printed, or only printed in part, via Webprint

If, when sending a print job to the Webprint Portal, the document is not printed or only printed in part,
 try printing the same document via a Windows computer, for example from a public computer in the ETH computer rooms,
in Adobe Reader via Card-Stud.

In most cases, the problem is caused by an error in the PDF document, and the Webprint Portal is unable to correctly convert the document into a print job.

Printing not possible after changing password

If Card-Stud is installed on a computer and the nethz password was changed, the password must also be changed for the locally installed printer.
Instructions on doing this can be found here: https://www.ethz.ch/content/dam/ethz/associates/services/Service/IT-Services/files/service-desk/guides/macOS_doku_password_change_en.pdf